No. 1: Catacombs, Paris, France.
No. 2: Haunted New Orleans, Louisiana
No. 3: Aokigahara Forest, Japan 
No. 4: Underground Vaults, Edinburgh, Scotland
 No. 5: Coliseum, Rome, Italy
No. 6: Walachia, Transylvania, Land of Dracul, Romania
No. 7: Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp, Oswiecim, Poland
No. 8: Whitechapel/Spittalfields, London East End, London, England
No. 9: Unit 731 Experimentation Camp, Harbin, Manchuria, China
No. 10: Haunted Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Curious to Know why these are the most haunted places in the world... check out this website to find out why... Would you go to any of these locations?      


Top 10 Amusement Park Halloween Events

1. Universal Studios Horror Nights - Orlando, FL
Come face to face with your deepest fears as Bloody Mary brings history's most terrifying urban legends to life at Universal's Halloween Horror Nights. Trapped inside or on the streets, there's nowhere you're safe. It's the most immersive horror experience ever, with more Scare Zones than ever before, more Scareactors, and the most Haunted Houses ever.

On select nights in September, October, and November, Universal Studios Florida® theme park is transformed into a nightmarish labyrinth of haunted houses, outrageous live shows, and electrifying scare zones while an army of mutants, monsters and maniacs roam the darkened studio streets.

2. Knott’s Scary Farm - Los Angeles, CA
Knott’s Berry Farm will add six new mazes for Halloween Haunt 2008, including a movie tie-in with the upcoming horror-thriller “Quarantine,” according to theme park officials. The 36th annual Knott’s Scary Farm will take place on Wednesdays through Sundays nights from Sept. 25 through Nov. 1, 2008.
Kennywood Amusement Park
- “Phantom Fright Nights’, Pittsburgh, PA
Each fall, after Kennywood's gates close for the winter, the Phantom takes possession of the midway. Experience many haunted walk-throughs and mazes, including Voo-Doo Bayou, Mortem Manor, Villa of the Vampires, Captain Skully s Curse in 3-D, Fear Festival, Ghostwood Estate and Haunted Ark, plus Kennyville Cemetery and Gory Park.
4. Universal Studios Horror Nights
 - Hollywood, CA 
With an all-new and expanded Terror Tram, new mazes, new shows and new scare zones for 2008, Halloween Horror Nights will once again be the most terrifying Halloween Event in Southern California and is already generating extensive news coverage.
Plus it's the only place you can catch a rare and exclusive first look at Universal Pictures' highly anticipated re-imagining of the genre classic, "The Wolfman," when you dare to ride "The Terror Tram: The Nightmare Tour". 
Tampa Busch Gardens - Tampa, FL
The event takes place overnight, during select nights in October (typically on the weekends). The event places focus on Haunted Houses, Scare Zones, and Shows. Haunted Houses are enclosed areas with specific storylines and highly themed decor; typically, they lead guests through a somewhat claustrophobic maze with various features designed to startle, confuse, or disquiet those who enter. Scare zones are similar to Haunted Houses, however, they are outdoor areas set in the main paths. The shows are similar in structure to the standard stage shows shown at Busch Gardens, however, they have a halloween setting, and feature dark humor and grotesque scenery.

Get the rest here.

Top 10 Halloween Destinations for Families

This fall, take your family on a trip, for a Halloween they'll never forget. Here's a rundown of ten fun and frightening Halloween destinations around the country.

Mediterranean Dreams

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A well known city (and country) for the Big Ben (picture left), the Queen-Mum and the Beatles.

Tower Bridge-
Often mistaken for London Bridge, which actually no loger resides in London at all. It was bought, and moved brick by brick to Arizona, USA.

This is the original, real London Bridge. Which now spans over Lake Havasu, in Arizona.

One of the great tourist attractions in London Proper is 'The Eye'. A huge Ferris Wheel along the banks of the Thames.

Other popular sites to hit are Scotland Yard, Buckingham Palace, and the changing of the Queen's Guard- make all the faces and comments you want to these men. They will not move... DO NOT TOUCH them though. That will get one heck of a reaction from them- and not one you will want.

Might as well  travel to Ireland if you've already gone this far!

Antwerp Fashion


Before any great adventure can take places, one must get them selves a passport to leave the country. And once that amazing little blue book hits the palm of you hand, your eyes begin to glaze over with the possibilities laying before you...the places, the experiences, the delays, the hidden secrets, the joys and the beauties that are just begging you to come and enjoy them. And soon enough your little blue book will look more like this, a very happy, stamp filled little book.

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