Social Media for Business

Social Media apps, programs, and websites are extremely popular as we are entering into the year 2013. Social media forms such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram have added billions of dollars to the sales of iPhone and Android phones, as well as tablets and other devices. It is sure to say that there are many billions of dollars to be earned in social media.

Businesses -- whether large or small -- can get a portion of these potential funds by participating more heavily within social media circles and sites, though some businesses may require some social media help in understanding just how these various platforms work.

Social media marketing strategists can be just the help your business needs to get you involved in the social media community. Less face it, you have a business to run and may not have the many hours required to build a profitable following on one social media site, let alone the dozens that are out there right now. Those in the social media marketing industry make it their job to handle all of this for you. Their expertise are unsurpassed in this constantly evolving world, and they put this expertise to work for you.

By outsourcing social media marketing to the professionals, coupled with a set of goals and a strategy, your business can begin to see a new flow of customer inquiries and business that you may not have seen otherwise. With the beginning of 2013 only a few weeks away, it would be wise for your businesses New Year's resolution to be a promise to make your company more visible in the world of social media. With hard work and specific goals, your company will see increases in business and profits that will lead you to furthering success in 2013 and 2014.

Leave One Eye Open

We are all adults here and sometimes we want to base our vacations on romance, sexuality and lustful places. I have gathered the top 10 most kinkiest places to travel to:

  1. Roselawn, Indiana - Not only does Roselawn maintain a thriving (and family friendly!) nudist resort, the Ponderosa Sun Club also hosts a yearly pageant called “Nudes-A-Poppin,” MC’d by none other than famed porn star Ron Jeremy.
  2. New Orleans, Louisiana - N’awlins, aka the Big Easy, has long had a reputation for debauchery. Of course, Mardi Gras, the infamous pre-Lent bacchanalian carnival has something to do with that, but New Orleans’ dirty dealings far exceed the typical Girls Gone Wild fare.
  3. Las Vegas - Any city whose nickname is “Sin” shouldn’t raise any eyebrows when it comes to raunchy revelry. Known for its plentiful strip clubs, unabashed dungeon parties and bondage-themed Cirque du Soleil shows, Vegas is practically a caricature of itself when it comes to sexcapades. The Green Door claims to be the largest sex and swinger club in the U.S., with two floors, spa amenities, a “sextagon” hot tub, juice bars, a Shadow Box room for voyeurs/exhibitionists, and themed rooms like Pussy Whipped Dungeon and Dr’s Office.
  4. Hurley, Wisconsin - The question of which city has the most strip clubs per capita has been hotly contested. Portland, Oregon, sometimes referred to as “Pornland,” claims the title, and there’s even a documentary in the works about it, but no official study has been done on the subject. Get on that, America!
  5.  Atlanta - Hotlanta, the Big Peach, the dirty South -- these nicknames are not used merely to annoy the locals. If this Unicorn Booty infographic is to be trusted (and how could it not, despite spelling promiscuity wrong?)  one out of every two people in Atlanta has posted a Craigslist ad searching for gay sex.
  6. New York, New York - If New York City and Sex were in a relationship on Facebook, it would undoubtedly be classified as, "It's complicated." NYC's rep as a no-holds-barred party town often clashes with its political and cultural mores. (Insert Anthony Weiner joke here.) It's hard to pin a number on just how many sex clubs NYC has; sources vary from a dozen to 106 on- and off-premise parties. For an artsier serving of deviant sex, CineKink film festival is the ultimate in voyeurism. With everything from documentaries to camp to hardcore porn, CineKink is an experience that keeps on giving.
  7. Austin, Texas - Last year, Men’s Health  magazine took a poll of the sexiest U.S. cities. “Sexy” by its definition took into account birth rates, condom sales, rates of sexually transmitted infections, and sales of sex toys. Austin, Texas took the number one slot. And actually, seven of the top 15 cities out of the 100 urban areas polled were in Texas, including Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, thus proving that hot in the streets can and does translate to hot in the sheets.
  8. Southern New Mexico, Southern West Virginia - Since not all Dionysian denizens are comfortable airing their durrty laundry on fetish websites or city streets, sometimes it’s best to find fellow libidinous lads/ladies through other means. Last year, artist/designer R. Luke DuBois created a series of maps depicting the U.S. based on how people described themselves on online dating sites like Adult Friend Finder and One of his maps was called the  Kinky States of America .
  9. Chicago, Illinois - Despite being the third largest city in the US, Chicago can sometimes be overlooked by other pervy coastal city brethren as a destination for sinsation. But oh how wrong they are. Chi-Town has the distinction of hosting the yearly International Mr. Leather competition (IML) every Memorial Day Weekend, and the Mr. International Rubber competition (MIR) held on the first weekend of November every year. Chicago also hosts Shibaricon, an international rope bondage conference. Not only that, but for three days in October, Kinky College, a “Pansexual BDSM Institute of Higher Yearning” allows you to get your masters (or master’s) degree in all things kink.
  10. San Francisco - A list of kinky cities that didn’t include San Francisco would be a sin in and of itself. Renowned for its queer denizens and its brazen flouting of convention, San Francisco knows how to get down and dirty, and often does so in broad daylight. One of the most telling kink symbols is the Folsom Street Fair, a yearly event dedicated to all things fetish. Folsom draws upward of 400,000 people each year, and covers 13 city blocks with exhibitions, live dominatrix demos and enough naked men to completely desensitize you for life.  
Information above provided by: AlterNet