A well known city (and country) for the Big Ben (picture left), the Queen-Mum and the Beatles.

Tower Bridge-
Often mistaken for London Bridge, which actually no loger resides in London at all. It was bought, and moved brick by brick to Arizona, USA.

This is the original, real London Bridge. Which now spans over Lake Havasu, in Arizona.

One of the great tourist attractions in London Proper is 'The Eye'. A huge Ferris Wheel along the banks of the Thames.

Other popular sites to hit are Scotland Yard, Buckingham Palace, and the changing of the Queen's Guard- make all the faces and comments you want to these men. They will not move... DO NOT TOUCH them though. That will get one heck of a reaction from them- and not one you will want.

Might as well  travel to Ireland if you've already gone this far!

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