History of Passports

Did You Know?

The oldest known reference to the use of passports is in the Hebrew Bible. In Nehemiah 2: 7-9. In these verses, Nehemiah asks King Artaxerxes I for permission to leave Persia and travel to Judea. Artaxerxes gave Nehemiah a letter in 450 BC that requested that the governors of foreign lands should give him safe passage.

San Francisco Airport Shuttle and More

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 "You aren't home until you are finally home," is a common saying in airports all around the world. "The last mile is always the longest," is another popular saying. Meaning that just because you have landed in your hometown, doesn't mean you are all the way home; getting home from the airport has proven to be difficult for millions of people since the inception of flight. TV show "Seinfeld" mentioned this in a particular episode, with characters admitting that giving a friend a ride home from the airport is a big step in a friend-relationship.

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